Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gone for sometime BUT...

School just started last June 6 and less than a month has passed and it's already eating up most of my time!!! Really, my professors are bombing tests here and there. My schedule is less tight as compared to the last one but being in the fifth year I guess doesn't ensure you of having lesser time for studying. Can you imagine having to squeeze your neurons during the first day already because of a pop quiz? Well, it's been a regular for a pharma student to endure such situations, and maybe I'm proud to say I've survived all those days and nights of torture.

So I'm back, for good? I hope so. I really want to keep my blog updated with events of my fifth year and my last year as a student in the Pontifical University. Wohooo!! I don't know how quickly time has passed by. It's not easy, not a bit, but faith coupled with determination got me in here.

What keeps me busy at the moment? Well right now, I'm busy underlining with my cutie pens the key words for our monthly exam in Radiopharmacy. You might be wondering but in pharmacy we have 3 major exams to endure for a semester. That is how hard a pharmacy student's life is like. Not to mention the endless quiz, reports, research papers, practical exam in between those. Ok, going back, so I'm busy reviewing and I'm planning to finish all the handouts if not just more than half of it since I'm going out the whole day tomorrow for my shopping spree for HK study tour this coming July 6!!! Yes!! Something I'm so excited to talk about. But not in this post haha I have to end this one and go back to studying again. I'll make sure to make a post about my thoughts and preparations for HongKong sometime this week.

That's it!! Happy to say, I'M BACK!

-Sharlaine :)

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