Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Late Post: The EK-perience

I made a promise to myself that I will try with the best of my ability to update this blog frequently and yeah I failed HAHA. A late post, sorry. So here we go.

Since we've been almost boring holes in our sofa for quite sometime this summer, my Ate Sunshine thought of going to Enchanted Kingdom. Yep, it's not Disneyland :( but hey my chances of going to EK are very minimal since my family aren't used to going out of town whenever dad isn't here, so yes let's go!! And since it is her treat, who am I to reject that offer? We got out of Manila around 12 noon and the good thing is, Mr. Sun has been thoroughly cooperative, his rays aren't that scorching. Ok, so driving through SLEX we exited at Sta. Rosa and once there we almost lost our way going to Balibago. The funny thing is we are blaming it to the poor direction signs posted in the road, really if it stated 'Enchanted Kingdom Next Right', you would assume that after this right it is the next one that they are referring to. But NO! They meant to say that it is actually the coming right. OK so it's quite confusing no? HAHA. But thank God, we finally reached our destination, a big thanks also to the locals who have been very grateful teaching us the right directions. Ang bait talaga ng mga PINOY!!

Once there Shiela and I got our free hotdog on a stick and a can of coke, Yey!! It is one of their pakulo this summer offered to students and yes since I am still a student (though in fifth year. HAHA) I am so thankful for their summer blowout to us. Their promo is valid from April 9 to June 3 2012, so guys there are still a few weeks remaining to grab their awesome offer :) Here are the ticket rates by the way:

Regular Day Pass:
Weekend / Holiday Rate : Php 500.00
Weekday Rate: Php 400.00
Student Promo: Php 380.00 (Weekends / Weekdays)

Planning to go? Read for more in their website:
And here's what happened that day:


Funny smile of Mama. And oh see that gorgeous lady holding her phone? Sobrang ganda niya as in. HAHA. 

Thank you for reading.
Much love,

Sharlaine :)

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