Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crash by Nicole Williams: My Thoughts

Title: Crash
Author: Nicole Williams
Ratings: 4 stars
Publisher: Self-Published
Published: July 2012
Read: August 5 - 6, 2012

To be honest, I don’t know how to start writing down my thoughts. I’m in a state of memory loss. or so I think. HELP? I finished Crash a week ago and after which I jumped into reading my academic books (some nose bleeding medical stuff). Poor me. My memory cells are in a total chaos. Tap. Tap. Where to begin? OK, let me give this a try.

I always come across some of the works of Ms. Williams (Eternal Eden, Fissure, etc.) on my Goodreads feed and although I’ve added most of her books to my TBR pile, (I even have some of them in my reading device already) I never take a chance to read any of her books. BUT thank heavens, I gave CRASH a shot! And oh my, as was I sinking into it, I am cursing myself for my late appreciation of Ms. Williams’ works. I should have read one of hers before, her writing is incredibly good. 

So CRASH . Lucy Larson’s dream has always been centered on dancing. It uplifts her soul; builds her spirit high and brings a sense of hope every time the reality of her life will sink in. Dancing is her lifeline; it’s the peace she finds in the emotional chaos she’s been into ever since the death of her older brother and her family’s devastating financial crisis. Life must be playing tricks on Jude Ryder. He never in a lifetime thought he’ll end up in Last Chance Boy’s home when things got out of hand back in his real home. So with all the damn-to-die-for looks is a scarred boy trying to live each day while battling with his own fears. And as if life can’t get enough in troubling Lucy and Jude, they’ll end up crashing into each other’s path while trying to find a way to forget what’s in their past. 

How Lucy finds Jude in the beach one day is the funniest, most swoon-worthy and squeemoment for me. And since the book was told in Lucy’s POV, we get a front row experience on what’s been going on in her mind the day their paths cross. Just by reliving that moment, I found myself smiling (CRAZY!). I’m pretty sure on the fact that in some point of our lives we dealt with our I’m-Gonna-Faint moments whenever we happen to see an amazingly gorgeous guy in front us. But the catch is, not everyone gets the chance to have that hot guy to walk towards her and ask for her name and number. DAMN!! I hope that day will come and I’m gonna be fainting for sure. But Lucy is one lucky girl! and how she deals with Jude and his tricks is something I’ll never thought a girl can do. Because I can’t even see myself handling someone like Jude that day! I’m getting you all curious about this huh? GRINNING. 

WAIT. As I was scrolling my notes section, I found this one: With sons, all he had to worry about was one penis, but with a daughter, he had to worry about everyone else’s – Lucy’s Dad. This isSO SO funny, my belly is aching. So that’s what our fathers are contemplating about? SMART THINKING DAD! 

That is one of the things I loved about this book, it keeps you holding on to your seat because you might just fall from your chair from laughing so hard. Lucy knows how to play along with Jude’s humor, she is so good that sometimes I can’t tell if it’s Jude or her who is already talking. Yep, she’s that witty. 

“How could I know so little of him, yet still feel like I’d never known anyone better”Lucy. The search for answers about Jude’s real identity and what is in his past are the two things that constantly block any progress in their relationship. Since its Lucy POV, we are given snippets of the events that have transpired in her life but with Jude, everything is a mystery. I have to always keep repeating my mantra about patience “I’ll get to the end” but damn the suspense is high. I am so intrigued with Jude’s actions every now and then. Frustration hits me whenever he’ll do something that will put him in a terrible position(What the hell Jude?) but then when I think of it, he is scarred, he is still in pain and probably that is the way he lets himself cope with the loss of balance in his life. 

“You can’t be friends with the person you were meant to spend your life with”Jude. And I died. And I died. I think the reason why I am so eager to read books with bad boys in it is that I want to know how such guy will trash all his negative baggage and come out clean just for the girl he loves. Cause love matters most than anything else. Squee. Jude just know how to make my heart stop. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Crash. It reminds me of Beautiful Disaster maybe because of the same bad boy idea but this has a different twist and builds up with just enough tension that can break your heart into pieces, put it back to place then crash again. I am certain it is in my to-read again books; I kind of skimmed some parts in it since I wanted so badly to get to the last part just to calm my senses. 

So you think you should let Crash sit in your shelf for a bit longer, I don’t think you should do. Here’s why: 

“The name’s Jude Ryder, since I know you’re all salivating like a rabid dog to know, and I don’t do girlfriends, relationships, flowers, or regular phone calls. If that works for you, I think we could work out something special.”