Thursday, November 1, 2012

Do it in advance!

I'll be entering the 2nd and last semester of my college life (squee!) and I can't wait for it! If my memory serves me right, the last year in our high school life is the most lax time of the year (or that's just me?). You know, less subjects, more chill time with friends, photoshoot for grad pics, prom!!, retreat and the list goes on. (SOMEONE MISSES HIGH SCHOOL LIFE HERE!! ) So why did I bring up that one, because I'm thinking that my last semester in college will not go simply just like a breeze of an air, a couple blinks of an eye. Why so? I have my 8-unit internship subject to begin with, have another thesis to accomplish, and my major scare -- REVIEW!! The next coming months I'll be hiding myself in my room, reading, memorizing twice or even thrice greater than what I used to. And the weird part is that I am looking forward to it (like sending butterflies in my stomach vibe) although like I said it really frightens the being of me. Crazy, Im being excited and scared at the same time. WOAH!! So that's why my post is entitled advance, because right now, as in before I hit the keyboard, I am reading my review materials and weirdness overboard-- I FREAKING LOVE WHAT I'M DOING. Nerd whatsoever, but I'm feeling high!! LOL!! Ok so I'm gonna cut this nonsense post and the new love of my life is waiting for me!! (bizarre 3x) HAHA.