Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celebrating Aunt's Birthday

This is a late post, for I've been in the contemplating mood over the Blogger idea since last week, I've nowhere to write what happened during my aunt's birthday. But now, I'm good to go. So let me try, I'll be depending on the pictures below to recall that day.
It was a rainy Thursday afternoon when dad received the text, from my tita, inviting us to come to the Tramway Garden Buffet in Timog, Quezon City to celebrate her birthday. Wow, I've never gotten anywhere in Timog and this is buffet we are talking about so Yes! I'm kind of giddy :) But then my NO-RICE-LESS-GREASY-FOOD-DIET is what's holding me back. Geez, I'm definitely in trouble. So my constant struggle for keeping my diet that day has been put to rest when I saw the food. Damn, those precious gifts from heaven! 
Like I said awhile ago, let the pictures do the talking:

Mom spotted, round two? or maybe three?

Yellow is screaming in this picture.

Spot three reasons why I find this one amusing. 

Happy Birthday Tita Rose!!

I swear the picture doesn't give justice to the food. It's more appealing in the actual.

The bathroom shot never gets old whenever my sister is on the loose.

What a day! Happy Birthday again, Tita Rose and thank you for keeping our stomachs full :) Screw the calories!! 

Sharlaine :)

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